Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Potomanto My Potomanto

Potomanto premiered on 20th December at the Silverbird cinema Accra mall. The movie was on point with great performances from Olu Jacobs as Bankole and Adjetey Anang as the disgruntled ex police officer Adane gave a commendable performance.

Marie Humbert was also brilliant as the feisty Susan,  Yvonne Okoro as Alice and Ani Iyoho as the sinister Shina.
The movie has a cold and harsh fill to it which enhances the menacing plot that the movie addresses. The fight sequences were well executed and you could almost feel the realism of the punches. The crew behind the camera also did a fantastic job in making this movie a success.  

Adane an ex-cop turned private investigator is hired to keep an eye on the young and beautiful girlfriend of an influential business man. Adane soon gets caught up in the midst of something way bigger than him and is forced to choose a side.

Olu Jacobs, Adjetey Anang, Marie Humbert, Yvonne Okoro. Also starring are Cristabel Ekeh, Jason Nwoga, Mikky Osei and Ani Iyoho.
Produced and directed by Shirley Frimpong - Manso of Sparrow Production.

Potomanto now titled My Potomanto is available on dvd. Get your copy from the nearest dvd vendor in your area.

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